Customers Service

The best way to contact the designers is by notecard.


Send a NC called “ The Death – Transaction failed – [Your name] ” to rihanna Zhora or Lola123 Vita ( The Manager ).
with the copy of the transaction history that you will find here.

– ☠ – If you bought an item 2 times

Send  a NC called “ The Death – Error – [Your name]
with the copy of all the concerned transactions that you will find in
(It’s the ONLY reason for a refund. If you buy the wrong item, we can’t help you)

Good To know:

– ☠ –  For many items there are full packs. Most of the time that’s very interesting. So check that first… After, it’s too late…
– ☠ –  The Death  has 3 designers, and the MP is managed By Lola123 Vita ( NB: She’s not the Designer )
– ☠ –  No Custom Work but all suggestion are welcome
– ☠ –  Items are No Trans (For Gifts please use Xstreet)

The Death Marketplace ➺ Here


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